You dont need backend or database

Strong, Light, Flexible, Customizable like bamboo plants. Your app could be developed reducing 50% of effort with

Receives the information directly from the client-end (your mobile app) and regardless of the data information structure.

How does it work?

bamboo_create('#frm_hotel', 'room_reservation', '658921', '', 'channel_id');

Assuming that your app has to store a hotel reservation. You only must build the frontend and use a simple bamboo function in javascript to insert or list your information.

More examples

bamboo_create('#frm_airport', 'ticket', '00984', '', 'channel_id');
bamboo_list('ticket', '','channel_id');

bamboo_create('#frm_laundry', 'client_wash', '234332', '', 'channel_id');
bamboo_list('client_wash', '','channel_id');

bamboo_create('#frm_class', 'student_exam', 'ALZ344', '', 'channel_id');
bamboo_list('student_exam', '','channel_id');

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