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XA Technologies is a premier information technology services provider headquartered in Aruba. Founded in 2011 by two young entrepreneurs, we pride ourselves on working with all the major hardware and software brands to deliver IT support that is simple to understand, easy to budget and, most importantly, effortless to use.

We are aware that in our global, interconnected, information-rich society where change is the only constant, businesses need to evolve with the world in order to thrive. We make it our business to anticipate any new developments in our field and help our clients deal effectively with change in their business and in the markets in which they operate.

We believe that IT is one of the best tools we have to fix many problems the world faces today. However, we’re conscious of the energy that we and our clients consume. We care about the environment and that is why it is our priority to use computers and IT resources in the most efficient and environmentally responsible way.

Our team of certified professionals work closely with senior executives and key IT staff to help assess our clients’ technology infrastructure, implement innovative systems tailored to their needs and manage their IT operations so that they can focus on being responsive in their business. Our Managed Services The-XA-Way® allows our clients to outsource their IT operations while maintaining control over what they want us to take care of and what they want to handle themselves. Whether our clients choose to outsource their entire IT operations or not, we have the expertise to become the reliable partner they need. We don’t promise, we just deliver.


Our virtualization services simplify our clients’ IT operations and allow them to respond faster to changing business demands.


Our team of experienced network architects deliver networking solutions that are easy to manage and that maximize your network infrastructure investment.

Managed Services

Managed Services The-XA-Way® allows our clients to proactively manage and deploy multi-vendor environments, save money, and reduce business risk.


We implement next generation security solutions to bring our clients the visibility and automated intelligence needed to recognize, prevent and contain threats.


Our team translates years of training and experience to solutions that help our clients to be more responsive and better prepared for all types of business risk.


Our IT assessment and recommendations include a comprehensive review and analysis of the technical resources and operational processes in our clients' business.

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